Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nov 21 (PARK @ Holland Village, Chapter 55, Twenty Grammes)

Brunch with Langsty at Holland Village's PARK.
Iced latte, mocha and spiced fries.

Oh yeahhh their truffled mac and cheese is the bomb diggity.
Please try this when you're there.
It gets abit overwhelming after awhile though so it's better to share this!

Hehe he's sucha cutie!

Thank u Pat for the snacks hehe :3
You can tell she loves us a lot.

Dinner at Chapter 55 because Eunice kept having it on Snapchat so I had to come here too haha.

Not enough truffle so I put my own LOL.
Pat gave me that bottle from Italy!!
She knows I love truffle so she bought small bottle for us.
She is so sweetttttt :3

Oh yeah the pastas there were pretty good!

At Twenty Grammes.
Their service is impeccable.
There were no available seats inside because inconsiderate bunch of people just wouldn't leave after they were done.
Seriously, get your ass moving if you're done.
People are running a business and there are other people who wants to eat as well.

So anyway, the lady boss (I think) and her staff came out and gave us iced lemon water and I was beyond touched.
She went, "I'm really sorry for the wait. Please cool yourselves down and we will get you tables soon!"


I can still rmb us standing outside while our armpits sweat buckets...Acccck.
So thankful :3

He was perspiring like mad so he borrowed Roula's clip lol.

Friends fer lifeeee.

Liu sha waffles.
I think I took these waffle pics from either Pat or Gavin!

I never even edit my legs. 
Now even if I stand with my feet apart, they still look like they are close together...
If u get what i mean..

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