Sunday, May 22, 2016

19 & 20th November 2015

I am major chubs now so if u see me in real life, PLEASE LOOK AWAY.

At SPCA gala dinner.
Carmen got the table and couldn't make it in the end.
Joined my sister since there was a vacant seat.

Oo lala~

Alexis and Raphael.

That was the only pic of an animal that night lol.


My name is chicken.

Flowerssss (*^*)

I love their outfits.

Oh cutie Wendy~

My sister and Dinahhhh.

Mushroom soup~
Didn't take much pics of the food cos the lighting was really pretty but looked horrible on food and I didn't want to take flash for all pics lol.

Wendy is so cute and smart and pretty.
She is perfect in my eyes (*^*)

They were leaving halfway through desserts and I was like DON'T LEAVE as I try to finish up my sister's plate after finishing mine.
I'm such a greedy person.
It's like if i'm really hungry and you want to share food with me, I will literally eat you as well.

Lol taking Max out of for a walk can be such a dangerous thing.
I have mentioned countless of times that he takes u out for a run instead.
And he is so obsessed with chasing and barking at pigeons.
He will literally drag you across the grass patch just to show them who's boss.........
I often come back home perspiring heaps.........

Lunch with my sister at Kith Cafe.
I forgot to take a picture of her (T_T)
I was actually wrecking my brains who I went out to eat with lol...

Shared this with her cos we had small appetites at that period of time lel.

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